Thursday, August 23, 2012

That golden rule

One of the most frustrating, but also the most inspiring, things about Catholicism is that one can never do enough. There are always more prayers to pray, more people to help, more masses to attend. Therefore, the trick is to find a balance that works for every individual.

That is something I have struggled with, and I will probably struggle with my entire life. I love the idea of doing more, but once I add too many responsibilities, I become overwhelmed and resentful.

However, one way that I can ensure that I am always doing God’s will is to allow Him to work through me in every instance of my life. God made us as social creatures. I believe that we are designed to interact with one another and share our thoughts and feelings and beliefs. 

So, as I’ve said before, I just try to always be love. That is the best way to live out God’s plan for myself, and the best way anyone else can live out His plan for them. I am confident that God didn’t want anyone to come to this beautiful earth and be a terrible person and make people feel badly about themselves. 

I’m not perfect. I don’t pray as often as I ought to, I don’t go to daily masses, I don’t even volunteer as often as I could. Sometimes I feel so guilty about that, I become overwhelmed with all of the things I should be doing, and I feel badly when I just don’t want to do them! But then I remember that the best way to spread God’s message is to be kind. To be loving. To be there for other people. To treat others the way they want to be treated. We hear that all the time, so why don’t we do it? Because it’s hard! It is really hard sometimes. It takes a lot of courage. And most importantly, it takes more than ourselves - it takes God.

And He is always up to the task.